LAKERAT - noun

[LAK RAT] Any numerous frequenters of inland bodies of standing water, distinguishable by their overindulgence in boats, personal watercraft, and other flotilla paraphernalia, generally, but not always, subsidized by or financed with their parent's or banker's money.

Welcome to, the web’s best online community for the LakeRat in all of us. Here you can buy LakeRat and Boat Ho apparel and accessories, submit your favorite photos in LakeRat and Boat Ho gear and view our calendar of events. Or, if it’s winter and you really don’t have a life, you can just look at the pictures and imagine the scantily clad women you could pick up if you only had a 36’ Fountain . . . and a boat.

We welcome you to help us build this site into a home for those of us who are completely and totally addicted to life on our boats and in the water. From the “rattired” fisherman to the “ratical” wake boarder - we hope LakeRats of all walks of water will gather here, because, quite frankly, we don’t want you at our lake house.


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